DUI/OVI & Traffic

With over 20 years of prosecuting and defending OVI/DUI cases, we know that it is important for someone charged with OVI/DUI or other traffic offenses to obtain quality defense counsel.  In a society which virtually requires the ability to drive, a traffic offense or an alcohol-related conviction (OVI/DUI) can greatly impact your employment, finances, and future. A conviction can result in jail or electronic-monitoring, license suspension, specialized license plates that draw unnecessary attention,  fines that may exceed $1,000, immobilization of the vehicle, and other restrictions on your freedom.  However, all of these potential consequences can be minimized with effective and aggressive representation.

Ohio’s OVI/DUI laws are more complicated than most people think. With laws changing regularly and with shifting technology, you must have effective, knowledgeable representation. That type of representation is provided by Kidd & Urling LLC.

Kidd & Urling LLC represents individuals facing OVI/DUI charges (as well as other traffic offenses) in the Greater Cincinnati area.  your case could be filed in one of several courts, depending on where you were stopped by law enforcement.  Some of the more common courts include:


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